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Grow an Awesome Beard with These Beard Styles

Learn about most popular beard styles and choose one for yourself and start growing your own awesome beard. First you need to make the decision to grow a beard then you need simply to put away the razor and trimmer and to have patience. Some of the reasons why you need to grow a beard are that the beard makes you look more powerful, you will definitely look more attractive, protection from cold weather, you will look cool, hip and trendy, can attract the opposite sex or even the same sex. Also you will get no chance of being mistaken for a girl.

After the decision is made you need to let the beard grow freely and wild and then you can choose one of the beard styles, which you are going to learn about them later, and see if that style suits your face shape. A good tip for you is to set a date like maybe after 6 or 8 weeks from when you started growing your beard and wait until that date to see if you are going to think about a new style or get the razor.

About Beard Styles

beard styles

Photo by Mika Matin on Unsplash

Let’s talk about beard styles . Each person grows a beard in a different way. If your beard grows patchy then you have a limit number of beard styles that you can think to use. Everybody has a unique face with different feaures and quirks which could suit any number of different beard styles. If you choose the style at the beginning can help the growth cycle. From the quick stubble look, a goatte, full or even hipster beard you will know how to shape it and which parts need trimming or shaving for that style. Below are some beard styles, go ahead read about them and choose one for yourself.

Stubble (Medium and Long)

stubble beard style

Stubble is one of classic beard styles, easy and quick known as the Five o’clock shadow, and it is very popular now. The stubble can be achieved by growing the beard for 2 to 5 days and the perfect length is around 3 to 5 mm long. This style looks best when kept at the bottom third of a man’s face. The upper cheeks must be left clean-shaven. So you need to shave the neck and cheek area. For the perfect stubble look a clean neckline and upper cheeks are essential.
The long stubble beard is slightly longer, about 6 mm. To achieve this look stray hairs must be removed with scissors or a trimmer. Shave the hairs growing above the cheeks or below using a razor or trimmer without the guard. For the neckline shave any stubble that is growing vertically.


goatee beard style

The goatee style beard is a growth of hair from the bottom lip down to the chin with a width same as the mouth, and is never supposted to be connected to a mustache. If you want to have the mustache there is another style below.It is named goatee beard because it looks like a goat beard.
Allow the hairs below the bottom lip to grow out. Shave the corners of lips and cheeks, the upper lip and below chin and neck area.

The Extended Goatee

the extended goatee beard style

It is called also The Hollywoodian Beard Style and it is a combination of the goatee and the mustache. The mustache is connected with the beard but the sideburns are removed. Once there is enough growth of hairs it becomes easier to trim the extended goatee into the desired shape and size.

Goatee and Mustache

goatee and mustache beard style

First you need to grow your beard for around a week. Then start shaping and styling like the goatee style but keep the mustache and the connecting hair down to the beard. You can decide then what size goatee and mustache is best for your face.

Classic Full Beard

classic full beard style

If you want more hair and less maintainence this is perfect for you. If you can grow hair in every area of your face then you need to let it grow for around 4 weeks. You can regularly trimming to the size you want or leave it grow to the full length that nature intended. A full beard has a very distinct shape, it starts at the cheek linke ad everything below is left to grow naturally. If you have cheek lines that are naturally too high or you can not define your cheek linke you need to draw an imaginary line from the angle of the sideburn in front of the ear up to the outer edge of a mustache. After 4 weeks you can start shaping it and start defining a neckline. It is highly recommended to go to a professional stylist or barber for this last part.


garibaldi beard style

The Garibaldi style is a wide and full beard. You need to take care about mustache and leave the beard grow naturally. If the beard is more natural it will look better. It is shorter than others natural beards, you should keep it only 20 cm in length. Garibaldi is perfect for those who do not have time to take care for their beard, but it is great if you can grow beard faster.


balbo beard style

The Balbo style is an interesting type of beard. Combination of mustache and hair on the chin. If you have a narrow chin and have problems growing hair on your cheeks this is perfect for you. You will need a full beard to start styling your Balbo beard. Grow your beard for 4 to 6 weeks and begin to shave cheeks, jaw and neck hair. You can get creative with your shaping because Balbo is a very short beard style.

Mutton Chops

mutton chops beard style

The Mutton Chops is X-Men beard style. It is unique from others beard styles. Full, long sideburns and no chin hair. If you want you can grow a mustache or leave it without it. Start with growing your full beard, let it grown for at least 4 weeks. Let the sideburns growing while you trim the rest of your face.
Some tips: The both sides should be symmetrical, you will need to use both trimmer and a razor (there are some trimmers specifically for sideburns), you need to do some planning since you have a plenty of shape options.


verdi beard style

The Verdi style is a full beard with a lot of style. It is named after Giuseppe Verdi. It is a short, rounded and has a styled mustache. The mustache is distinct from the beard. Do not grow more than 1.5 cm past the corner of the mouth. You need to grow the beard at least to around a 2 inch length. And be sure to keep the edges of beard trimmed.


spade beard style

It looks like Garibaldi but has more shaping. The Spade style does not have mustache it requires shaping when it grows. It is trimmed like the Old Dutch. It makes the face look longer and thinner under the chin. When you start, grow your beard full and get rid of mustache. Because it is a long beard you do not need to worry about shaving your neck. Trim the sides and keep the bottom of the beard straight. It got the name spade because style looks like a type of shovel called spade.

Old Dutch

old dutch beard style

Looks like the Amish but it is rounded. Is a large and long beard, an old school one. Does not have mustache and it is connect by sideburns. Take some time to grow because is grown long on the sides and the chin. It is longer on the chin. It is true that some people choose to not get rid of mustache and keep them.

Chin Curtain

chin curtain beard style

Known as Shenandoah (which is longer), The Chin Curtain style is popular becuase of Abraham Lincoln. Which also the name of Abraham is used as the name of this beard style. The facial hair grows along the jaw line and covers the chin, with no mustache. The Chin Curtain is easy to maintain, you only need to keep the cheeks, mustache and area below the bottom lip clean with a razor. The trimmer you can use for maintaining the stylish point of your curtain.

The Amish

the amish beard style

A similar beard like the Full one just The Amish style does not have a mustache. To grow an Amish beard you need to wash your beard every day, suggested to use warm water because it can remove the particles inside your facial hair. Oil your beard with an organic beard oild after washing it to reduce the irritation to the skin. This style is easy to maintain, all you need to do is to trim new hair growth so the beard length will not change.


hipster beard style

To start growing The Hipster Beard style you need to let it grow long and full. Stop shaving for a few weeks (aprroximately 6 weeks). As your beard is getting longer, keep the neck shaved when it covers your neck. When you beard gets longer enough, continue cutting your hipster beard depens on you style you choose and maintain the length that you like. Also make sure to have a cool hairstyle on top so they both will combine, hairstyle & beard, and you will have a nice look.




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